Hark Yeung’s Publication 出版物 (黑楊)

Hark Yeung’s Publication 出版物 (黑楊)

Hark Yeung (Yeung Wai Man, Hark Y) is a bilingual writer, photographer and documentary filmmaker. Her books, printed or digital, are mostly published in English.

黑楊 (楊慧敏從事中英雙語寫作、攝影及製作影片。她曾在中文及英文報章任職,書籍較多以英文出版。

Our Elders 上一代 (in Chinese and English, non-fiction, co-written with Fong So). Hong Kong: Fong & Yeung Studio, 2000.

City Life II: Hong Kong & Beyond (by Hark Yeung and Fong So). Hong Kong: Fong & Yeung Studio, 2003.
Published on the occasion of the exhibition “City Life II: Hong Kong & Beyond”, an exhibition of Hark Yeung’s photographs and Fong So’s paintings and prints.

Walking on the Melting Ice (pp 200-203), Our Elders (pp 214-218), in City Voices, Hong Kong Writing in English 1945 to the present, Hong Kong University Press, 2003.

Life in SOHO (in Chinese). Hong Kong: Commercial Press, 2008.
Hong Kong SoHo (蘇豪) is located next to Central. It is a commercial and residential area known for its bars, cafes and restaurants. Hark Yeung has lived and worked in this fascinating and multicultural area for more than a decade, running an art gallery of Fong & Yeung Studio there at the same time. In this book, she tells the change of SoHo in a very different way.

Why Do People in Norwich Look Young? (Non fiction) Fong & Yeung Studio, 2015.
Hark Yeung visited Norwich in 2014 and met many interesting people who had enabled her to see this city in different lights. This book is her experiment of turning a happy travelling experience into a writing experience.

Will Hong Kong continue to be a place of Good Luck? – From 1989 to 2010 (Non fiction) Fong & Yeung Studio, 2015.
Five Nobel Peace Prize winners are mentioned in this book. Hark Yeung had met four of them them while working as a journalist. They made her think what they are fighting for and how Hong Kong would evolve. This book is launched together with her photo exhibition at the HK University of Science and Technology in 2015.

The Unfinished Dream of a Pepper-sprayed Umbrella (Amazon ebook) 2015.