Hark Yeung

Hark Yeung (Yeung Wai Man, Hark Y) is a bilingual writer, photographer and an award-winning filmmaker. She has been a journalist for Chinese-language and English-language newspapers. Her books are published mostly in English. She has travelled extensively in Asia, Europe, the Americas and Greenland. Her photos have been exhibited in Hong Kong, the UK and the USA. Her short film UmbrellaCity, a documentary about the 2014 Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, won the Award of Recognition in the Indie Fest Film Awards 2015 and became the Official Selection in several international film festivals.

1962 Born in Hong Kong

1983-86 BA, University of Hong Kong

1986-87 Chinese Language Officer, Hong Kong Government

1988-89 Journalist, The Express

1989 Journalist, Hong Kong Standard

1989-91 Travelled extensively from Asia to Europe

1991-93 MA, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London

1991-93 London Correspondent, Sing Tao UK office in London

1994-96 Features Editor, Sing Tao Daily, Hong Kong

1996-97 Sojourning in North America and Greenland

1997 Photo exhibition, Beyond the Arctic Circle, Hong Kong Arts Centre

1997-98 Foreign News Editor, Apple Daily

1998-99 Vice-chairperson, Hong Kong Journalists Association

2000-20 Partner, Fong & Yeung Studio (publishing books and organising art exhibitions)
Freelance contributor for Chinese and English newspapers

2014-19 Documentary filmmaker

2020 Left Hong Kong

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黑楊 (楊慧敏從事中英雙語寫作、攝影及製作影片。她曾在中文及英文報章任職,書籍較多以英文出版。她曾遊歷亞、歐、美洲及格陵蘭等地,攝影作品曾在香港、英國及美國展出。2000年起,她主持楊方創作室,同時供稿給中英文報章。楊方創作室的展覽多由她策劃。2014年起,她攝製紀錄片,其中記錄香港2014年雨傘運動的短片UmbrellaCity 曾入選多個國際性影展及在 Indie Fest Film Awards 2015 獲推介獎。