Self-portraits 自畫像

Self-portraits 自畫像

Ask an artist to name a model who never needs to be paid. The answer is always the artist himself or herself.
I have done quite a number of self-portraits, rendered in different media: brush-and-ink, woodcut, and even seal engraving. However, my oeuvre of self-images is relatively small compared with renowned artists such as Rembrandt or Max Beckmann.
Self-portraits are usually considered as self-presentations or self-examinations. It’s the urge
of most artists of self-portraiture to present themselves in a different manner to make a difference – the modernists and postmodernists in particular. My handling of self-portraiture can be judged by the self-images collected here. – FS


Cover image
Eye Trouble (A self-portrait in 2004, after an eye operation)
眼疾 (2004 年眼部手術後)
2004, ink and colour on paper 
水墨設色紙本, 158 x 97.5 cm
This brush-and-ink piece was done in 2004, shortly after I had undergone an eye operation. While resuming my work after the operation, I celebrated the recovery from my eye trouble with a self-portrait contrasting my middle-aged image with my children one. This painting was used as the last piece to wrap up a series named “My Family and My City: People and History”, exhibited in 2009.

Project gallery
1. Bending Over  伏案
2019. A sketch based on a snap shot. This sketch has been compiled into the book A Defiant City: 239 sketches of Hong Kong’s mass protest movement (See Home and What’s New).

2. The Marginal Man of a Family 這一家的邊沿人
2015, ink and colour on paper 水墨設色紙本, 121 x 97 cm
The artist paid a visit to his elder brother (middle) and their mother (right) in San Francisco in 2014. All of the artist’s family members are not living in Hong Kong.
方蘇 2014年赴三藩市探視其胞兄()及母親()。他原先在港的家人俱散居外地。

3. Life Image 寫真
2008, ink and colour on paper 水墨設色紙本, 61 x 96 cm
Models for free – two, the artist and his pet kitten.
免費模特兒 – 兩個。

4. Nay (Half of a woodcut print 版畫半張) 2014

5. A seal print 印章一款 2007