Sketches 速寫

Sketches 速寫

Umbrella Sketches 雨傘速寫
A total of 146 sketches was made by Fong So during the 2014 Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. They are raw images of what the artist saw before and on the day of tear gas (Sept 28), and later on, in the three occupied zones in Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Mongkok over a period of two months. While the movement was still running, 139 sketches were compiled in an album published in December 2014.

Umbrella Sketches in the British Museum: The sketches by Fong So documenting the Hong Kong 2014 Umbrella Movement are in the collection of the British Museum. Please visit the website of the Museum ( Go to “Collection Online” and type in “Fong So” in the search field.

大英博物館藏品中的雨傘速寫:方蘇記錄香港2014年雨傘運動的速寫已送大英博物館,搜尋藏品資料請登入該館網址 (,在 “Collection Online” 的尋找方格中輸入”Fong So”。

London and New York Sketches倫敦及紐約速寫
In the summer of 2015, three parallel exhibitions of photos by Hark Yeung and artworks by Fong So were held in London and New York. As a result of staying for two months in the two cities for two months, Fong So have a some 30 sketches of London and about a dozen of New York’s Central Park.