Sketches 速寫

Sketches 速寫


So far, three collections of Fong So’s sketches have been published into three albums: (1) Umbrella Sketches: A first hand impression of HK Umbrella Movement 2014; (2) 44 Sketches of London and New York; (3) A Defiant City: 239 sketches of Hong Kong’s mass protest movement 2019-20.

*Note: Some sketches selected from the upcoming book project “A Life in Exile” (tentative title, not finalised yet) will be uploaded in another project category.


方蘇結集出版的速寫畫冊至今已有三本:(1) 《雨傘速寫》記錄香港2014年的雨傘運動; (2)《倫敦及紐約速寫44圖》(2015年繪, 2018年出版); (3) 《抗命之城》記錄香港2019-20年的抗爭運動



(1) Umbrella Sketches 雨傘速寫
A total of 146 sketches was made by Fong So during the 2014 Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. They are raw images of what the artist saw before and on the day of tear gas (Sept 28), and later on, in the three occupied zones in Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Mongkok over a period of two months. While the movement was still running, 139 sketches were compiled in an album published in December 2014.
Original artwork: The sketches by Fong So documenting the Hong Kong 2014 Umbrella Movement are in the collection of the British Museum. Please visit the website of the Museum ( for more information.
Exhibition: Some Umbrella sketches were shown in a thematic exhibition of the British Museum, “I Object: Ian Hislop’s search for dissent”, in 2018.

原作:方蘇記錄香港2014年雨傘運動的速寫已送大英博物館,搜尋藏品資料請登入該館網址 (
展覽:大英博物館於2018年舉辦專題展覽,名為I Object: Ian Hislop’s search for dissent”曾選展雨傘速寫數張。

(2) 44 Sketches of London and New York 倫敦及紐約速寫44
In the summer of 2015, three parallel exhibitions of photos by Hark Yeung and artworks by Fong So were held in London and New York. As a result of staying for two months in the two cities for two months, Fong So have a some 30 sketches of London and about a dozen of New York’s Central Park.

(3) A Defiant City 抗命之城
This is a collection of 239 sketches recording Hong Kong’s 2019-20 anti-extradition movement, a protest movement resisting a law amendment aiming at extraditing people from Hong Kong to mainland China. The whole collection of sketches is made on A3 size water colour paper. The sketch project begun in June 2019 after the one-million-plus and two-million-plus protest marches and ended in mid-January 2020 when the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak was a looming threat to Hong Kong. (See HOME and A Defiant City in Portfolio)
速寫239張, 記錄2019-20年香港人抗拒暴政的反送中運動。速寫以A3圖畫紙繪製,開始動工是20196月,在超逾一百萬及二百萬人上街遊行之後,直至20201月中,武漢疫情危及香港,系列才大致完成。(見首頁作品集抗命之城

Cover image (A Defiant City) 
Sketch: Tear gas outside the government headquarters (12 June 2019)

Project gallery (Please click the image to view it in full)
A Defiant City
(first row)
1. The first protest march against extradition to mainland China (31 March 2019)
2. The one-million-plus protest march (9 June 2019)  69
3. A lunar new year e-card for the Year of the Rat (January 2020)

Umbrella Sketches (second row)
1. Young folk staying outside the government headquarters overnight (27-28 September 2014)
2. Umbrella became the symbol of the Occupy movement (30 September 2014)
3. The occupied zone in Admiralty before the final clearing (11 December 2014)

Sketches of London and New York (third row)
1. A study tour, Trafalgar Square, London
2. Strawberry Fields, Central Park, New York