Magic City 奇幻都會

Magic City 奇幻都會

Magic City: Ink Painting in New Light
2005 / Ink paintings and digital variations / Exhibition: exhibited at the Studio’s SoHo gallery in 2005

The installation work “Magic City: Ink Painting in New Light” is an organic combination of Chinese ink painting, computer art and light. The work (completed in 2005) consists of five brush-and-ink paintings and twenty-three digital variations. The original pieces are places alongside their computer-generated counterparts to create a surreal aura. Hong Kong cityscape is the main subject of these images. They are presented in different ways for contrast. This installation work is a dialogue between tradition and modernity. It embraces Chinese ink painting and the development of digital technology. It also probes into the relationship between traditional art form and our urban life in the new millennium.

2005 / 水墨畫及電腦轉化圖像 / 展覽: 創作室的蘇荷藝廊, 2005


Cover image
2005, ink and colour on paper
A cityscape based on some sketches made in Central, Hong Kong.

Project gallery (Please click the image to view it in full)
1. Night Scene 
2002, ink and colour on paper
Another cityscape, a study – a high-rise residential building at night.

2 and 3. Two digital variations of the two brush-and-ink works are also shown in this online gallery.