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The Studio

Founded in 2000 by two independent artists, Fong & Yeung Studio first started as a publisher and worked closely with the University Museum and Art Gallery of The University of Hong Kong to launch an exhibition of Fong So’s paintings, his first solo exhibition.

In 2003, the Studio presented an exhibition of paintings and photographs of its two partners, Fong So and Hark Yeung. A gallery for contemporary art, located at the heart of SoHo, Central, Hong Kong, was opened in mid-2004. Since then the Studio has mounted a number of art exhibitions in various venues.

In 2015, the Studio held three parallel exhibitions NYCLondonHK: a Three-city Trilogy at three public libraries in London and New York, showing the works of its two partners.

After the three overseas exhibitions, Hark Yeung produced a film, UmbrellaCity. The film is a 29-minute documentary about the 2014 Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. After its completion, the film was sent to some international film festivals. It won the Award of Recognition in a global film award and became the official selection of some other international film festivals.

From 2014 to 2020, Fong So completed two sketch projects during Hong Kong’s series of mass protests, including the 2014 Umbrella Movement and the 2019-20 resistance movement. The two collections of sketches have been compiled into two books. The first one, Umbrella Sketches, was published in 2014 (ebook 2015, revised edition 2021) and the original sketches are in the collection of the British Museum. The second one, A Defiant City, also a pictorial album, was published in December 2020 (ebook 2021).




2015年,楊方創作室於倫敦及紐約三個公立圖書館舉行藝展,名為NYCLondonHK: a Three-city Trilogy (三城組曲),展出黑楊及方蘇的作品。

倫敦及紐約三個海外展覽之後,黑楊製作了一部影片 UmbrellaCity (傘城)。這是一部29分鐘的紀錄片,簡要地記錄了2014年香港雨傘運動的始末。影片完成後參加多個國際性的影展,獲得獎項及列入特選名單。

20142020年,方蘇一再以速寫記錄香港民衆的抗爭歷程,包括2014年的雨傘運動及20192020年的反送中運動,並出版了兩本速寫集,第一本是2014年的《雨傘速寫》(2015年電子版,2021年修訂電子版),速寫原作由大英博物館收藏;第二本是《抗命之城》,2020年底成書面世 (2021年電子版)


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