Online Gallery 網上畫廊

Since January 2023, Fong & Yeung Studio has turned wholly into an online gallery. The Studio is no longer based in Hong Kong and the two founding artists, Hark Yeung and Fong So, have moved abroad. The Studio will remain operating online and the creative work of both artists will continue.


New Project 新系列 (Forthcoming)

Though being disrupted periodically, Fong So has been working on and off on a new sketch series about his life in a state of self-imposed exile over a period of three years. This series will comprise more than 120 sketches. The whole project will be compiled into a book with his own narrative and reflection about what he has been through after leaving Hong Kong. It’s not yet certain when the book will be published but it will eventually come out. Updates will be forthcoming. (See Forthcoming in Portfolios)


Pandemic Woodcuts 大疫小輯

A novel coronavirus (SAR-CoV-2) outbreak started in Wuhan, Hubei province, China in December 2019. It soon affected the whole world. In March 2020, after the World Heath Organization had finally declared it a global pandemic and named the infectious disease Covid-19, Fong So began to hole up in his studio for three months to make a series of woodcuts, of which nearly all pieces were about the coronavirus pandemic. (See Pandemic woodcuts in Portfolios)

2019年12月,湖北省武漢市爆發新冠病毒癘疫,症症迅速蔓延全球,世界衛生組織終於在2020年3月宣佈疫情為大流行,並將新病毒 SAR-CoV-2 傳染病命名為 Covid-19。大疫之下,方蘇開始閉門製作一個木刻版畫系列,這個為時僅三個月的系列多以癘疫大流行為題材。

A Defiant City: 239 sketches of Hong Kong’s mass protest movement 2019-20 

This book is a pictorial album containing 239 sketches made by a journalist-turned artist. The sketches covers events running from March 2019, when the extradition bill (an amendment to surrender fugitives in Hong Kong to mainland China) was introduced, up to January 2020, when the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic became a looming threat to Hong Kong and the whole world. With all sketches accompanied by short captions telling the five Ws: what, when, where, how and why, the book is almost a chronology of a historic resistance movement of the people of Hong Kong – Hongkongers.

Printed book: Fong & Yeung Studio, December 2020

Ebook (Amazon Kindle edition): December 2021

(See A Defiant City in Portfolios)



實體版:楊方創作室 2020年12月

電子版 (Amazon Kindle edition):2021年12月


Documentary Films 紀錄片

Also highlighted in this website are the documentary films produced by Hark Yeung. From 2015 to 2020, she produced ten short films; most of them have been uploaded on YouTube, including an award-winning film UmbrellaCity. The film, a 29-minute documentary about the 2014 Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, won the Award of Recognition in the Indie Fest Film Awards 2015 and became the Official Selection in several international film festivals. (See Documentary Films in Portfolios)

黑楊攝製的紀錄片也是此網址的重點。2015至2020年,她製作了十齣短片,多數已上載於 YouTube。她記錄2014年香港雨傘運動的短片 UmbrellaCity (片長29分鐘)曾入選多個國際性影展及在 Indie Fest Film Awards 2015 獲推介獎。(見作品集之 紀錄片 )


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