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A Defiant City: 239 sketches of Hong Kong’s mass protest movement 2019-20
A Defiant City: 239 sketches of Hong Kong’s mass protest movement 2019-20

Ebooks published 電子書出版 (January 2022)

Three Amazon ebooks by Fong So now available. 數碼版書籍三本,現已有售。

(1) A Defiant City: 239 sketches of Hong Kong’s mass protest movement 2019-20 抗命之城
      Printed book: Fong & Yeung Studio, December 2020 [Please contact Fong & Yeung Studio (fong@fong-yeung.com) for the availability of the printed book]
      Ebook: Amazon Kindle edition, December 2021




Media Reports:
Hong Kong Free Press (04/03/2021)
Protest sketches by local artist not distributed in Hong Kong over security law fears

Apple Daily, Taiwan 台灣蘋果日報 (14/03/2021)
【微視蘋】畫作寫史、畫筆如刀 方蘇《抗命之城》描繪香港民主之淚

[A special note: Founded by Jimmy Lai in June 1995, Apple Daily was a newspaper published in Hong Kong. It was forced to cease operation in June 2021, as a result of a crackdown by the Hong Kong SAR government, including the freezing of its assets and the arrest of its founder and senior editors/writers. Shortly after that, the sister publication of Apple Daily in Taiwan only kept its online operation.]

HK-CNews 香港衆新聞 (28/02/2021)
A Defiant City

[A special note: On 2 January 2022, Citizen News, an independent Hong Kong news outlet, announced that “the worsening of the media environment” had made it impossible to go on without worry and that it would cease operation on 4 January. The announcement was made just a few days after the Hong Kong SAR government’s crackdown on Stand News, another independent online outlet.]

(2) Umbrella Sketches (Revised Edition) 雨傘速寫 A sister publication of A Defiant City
A first hand impression of the HK Umbrella Movement 2014
      Printed book: Fong & Yeung Studio, December 2014
Amazon Kindle edition 2015, revised edition December 2021



(3) The World after 1989 / 1989年後世事掠影
       Printed catalogue: Fong & Yeung Studio, December 2018
       E-catalogue: Amazon Kindle edition, January 2022



An exhibition catalogue prepared for exhibitions yet to come. Printed version published in December 2018. Ebook launched in January 2022.


Pandemic pieces 大疫小輯 (December 2021)

A disrupted series: Shortly after the 2003 SARS outbreak, Fong So launched an art exhibition, City Life II: Hong Kong & Beyond, with his studio partner Hark Yeung. In this exhibition of Yeung’s photographs and Fong’s paintings and prints, a small series of paintings, Hong Kong 2003, was included. The works grouped into this series were described as “dark paintings” when they were shown. In March 2020, after the World Heath Organization had finally declared the global outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus (Covid-19) a pandemic, Fong tried to make another “dark” series. However, within three months, his new project was disrupted. Only several woodcuts were made and nearly all of them were about the coronavirus pandemic. (See Pandemic woodcuts in Portfolios)