An Online Show 網上展出HKSAR: 20 Years On

It was 2007, exactly 10 years ago, that I launched an exhibition at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Hong Kong, to mark the 10th Handover Anniversary of Hong Kong. It was an art exhibition totally unrelated to any official events of the handover anniversary. The exhibition “HKSAR: 10 Years On”, as noted by some friends, was an imagery summary of the decade from 1997 to 2007. Some 30 pieces of artworks were prepared, but the small venue (the FCC bar) could only accommodate less than half.

Early this year (2017), I was asked if I would do a sequel to mark the 20th Handover Anniversary. My answer was “yes” and “no” – “yes”, if an exhibition venue is available; “no”, as it is not easy to solicit support to finance an exhibition project.

When I embarked on the “10 Years On” project, Hong Kong was then still undergoing a relatively less speedy process of transition after the 1997 Handover. However, after that, what has happened in Hong Kong since 2007 has been much more acute and drastic than the changes in the first decade of the SAR (Special Administrative Region). For the “10 Years On” project, the title of my catalogue notes for the exhibition is “I have something to say”. And now, if I do a sequel named “HKSAR: 20 Years On”, I will surely write that “I have a lot more to say”.

Instead of launching a sequel exhibition, I think another alternative for me is to put the show online at an opportune time.

(Fong So, June 2017)





A total of 37 artworks are included in this sequel, of which some 9 pieces are from the “10 Years On” series; 9 more from my earlier oeuvres; and most of the rest are selected from my new series “The 25 Years of the World after 1989” (completed in 2016).


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